BGGM 2.0.0 2020-05-31

BGGM was almost completely rewritten for version 2.0.0. This was due to adding support for binary, ordinal, and mixed data, which required that the methods be written in c ++. Unfortunately, as a result, lots of code from version 1.0.0 is broken.

Added features

  • Full support for binary, ordinal, and mixed data. This is implemented with the argument type

  • roll_your_own: compute custom network statistics from a weighted adjacency matrix or a partial correlation matrix

  • pcor_to_cor: convert the sampled partial correlation matrices into correlation matrices.

  • zero_order_cors: compute zero order correlations

  • convergence: acf and trace plots

  • posterior_samples: extract posterior samples

  • regression_summary: summarize multivariate regression

  • pcor_sum: Compute and compare partial correlation sums

  • weighted_adj_mat: Extract the Weighted Adjacency Matrix

  • pcor_mat: Extract the Partial Correlation Matrix

  • Five additional data sets were added.


  • ggm_compare_ppc: added option for custom network statistics

  • Added option to control for variables with formula

  • A progress bar was added to many functions

BGGM 1.0.0 2020-02-06

Initial CRAN release